Frequently Asked Questions

When are the practice records (Homework) due?

Homework is due every Sunday evening by 9:00 PM using the SmartMusic software. Also, homework must be completed using the SmartMusic software. Emailing times will not be accepted. No exceptions!

What is an acceptable excuse for missing a performance?

Illness or bereavment of a family member. Remember, a performance is a test that cannot be made up. If the concert is missed, be sure to follow the attendance policy.

Is extra credit offered?

Yes, if the student has shown progress in turning in the weekly homework then a student is qualified to check out a CD and write a report regarding a biography on the musician and the likes and dislikes about the CD. They can also go to any classical or jazz concert (must be pre-approved by Mr. Methe) at a college level or above and write a half a page about the concert.

What are some brands of good band instruments and their model numbers?

Below is a list of beginner instruments that I recommend.


  • Armstrong 204
  • Gemeinhardt 4PMH


  • Pearl 501E
  • Gemeinhardt 52SP
  • Yamaha FL223
  • Selmer 300
  • Armstrong 104


  • Selmer 1492
  • Buffet 4051


  • Buffet B12
  • Armstrong 1801
  • Selmer CL300B

Alto Sax

  • ABI
  • Selmer 300

Tenor Sax

  • ABI
  • Selmer 1244
  • Keilwerth EX

French Horn

  • Conn 8D


  • Kanstul 610
  • Bach TR300
  • Getzen 490
  • ABI


  • Getzen 451
  • Getzen 747

If you are interested in purchasing a new or used instrument feel free to call or e-mail me at school. I would be more than happy to assist you. A good instrument will make a happier musician.

Where can I get my instrument repaired?

  • Imperial Band Instruments: (562) 245-6043
  • Anaheim Band Instruments: (714) 999-5015
  • Morey’s Music (Strings Only): (562) 420-9532

What if I am interested in purchasing an intermediate or pro instrument?

I usually do not recommend an Int. instrument. When looking at purchasing a new instrument I try to consider how long the student is going to be playing. If you can get a commitment from the student to continue through high school then I would go for a pro instrument. This will get them through life and will have a much higher re-sell value if needed. Please contact Mr. Methe before purchasing. I will help you make the best choice for the student?

Where should I go for a good string instrument and what should I look for?

A key to a good string instrument is the type of wood that it is made of, is it hand made or machine made, are the strings decent, and are the pegs slipping?

Here are some helpful tools when looking for a string instrument:

  • Make sure the instrument has been shop adjusted. It should be included in the price.
  • The top of the violin/viola should be made of spruce wood.
  • The back and sides of the instrument should be made from maple.
  • Look for “stripping” and real “purfling.”
  • The strings should be “dominant for violins and violas, “jagar” for cello.
  • Bows should have real horsehair and the wood should be either brazilwood or permnabuco.

I would visit Morey’s music if I were purchasing a new string instrument. They will not sell you an instrument that is unworthy of being played. Store phone numbers are listed on the links page.

Where can I go to purchase sheet music for my instrument?

A website that I use is J.W. Pepper Sheet Music. They are local and have a wide selection of music choices for all instruments. ABI is also a great place to go for solo and small ensemble pieces of music.

Why are we being asked for Participation Contribution or to fundraise?

As a non-profit organization, we receive limited funds that do not cover the everyday expenses needed to provide students with the many resources that will provide an educational music experience. Items such as sheet music, instruments, music stands, additional coaching, SmartMusic, and other teaching tools used on a daily basis are not funded by our State. Through the Participation Contribution and fundraising, we as a booster organization are able to provide a well rounded educational experience.

Where can I purchase insurance for my personal or school instrument?

The Anderson group is an outside insurance company that offers insurance for musical instruments at a reasonable cost.

Where can I receive the most up-to-date information regarding the YLMS Instrumental Music program?

The Remind 101 text message service allows Mr. Methe the ability to text you without knowing your cell phone number. Simply enroll in one of the class codes below by texting (669) 200-6281.

  • Music Parents: @musicpar
  • Jazz Band 1: @mrmethe
  • Jazz Band 2: @mrmethe
  • Intermediate Band: @713a5
  • Intermediate Orchestra: @intorch
  • Advanced Orchestra: @7c56d
  • Advanced Orchestra Parents: @aopar
  • Performing Band: @3af8
  • Performing Band Parents: @pbpa