Instrumental Music Grading Policy

  • ¼ of Grade = Daily Participation
  • ¼ of Grade = Weekly Practicing on SmartMusic
  • ¼ of Grade = Quizzes, Tests, and Memorization
  • ¼ of Grade = Attendance of Events


This class is based on teamwork and attendance. This means that everyone’s contributions are important. Since a student cannot contribute much to the class when they are not present, their attendance record will be an important component of the semester grade. All instrumental music performances will be posted in the music room, in the booster newsletter, on the music website, and discussed in the class before the event. If a student is ill for a performance, a phone call must be received from a parent on the day of the performance and a note explaining the illness on the day the student returns to school in order to be excused. In addition, students who do not follow these guidelines will affect their future participation in special events. Any concerns or special consideration that may conflict with these guidelines must be communicated in writing upon return with the slip below. Within the instrumental music program, every student will be treated as the most important student. When a student does not participate they have a great impact on the groups appearance and final product of the total performance. Please place all dates on the calendar as you receive them and make every effort to attend the required performances.


Attendance habits, attitude, classroom conduct, common courtesy, cooperation, participation, etc influence the responsibility of the student in this area. Each student will be required to be a positive role model that comes to class prepared and is self-motivated. The student is also required to be respectful to fellow students, myself and demonstrate an academic and personal integrity. If the student exceeds these minimum requirements than a positive outcome in his/her citizenship grade will occur.

Performance and Practices

Performances and extra rehearsals are a team effort. Sectionals, additional practices, music t-shirt day, concert attire, and behavior are components that are incorporated in the overall grade. In addition, safety is always a top priority while on fieldtrips. To ensure a safe environment, all members are expected to ride to and from events with the unit. While participating in the events mentioned above, students are expected to follow the school rules; treat each other, myself, and the chaperones with respect.

Your cooperation in making sure your child understands this policy will insure our group’s success and give a visual presentation that is pleasing to the audience. If you have any questions, please feel free to call me at school or e-mail me at