Director of Instrumental Music

Dan Methe - Yorba Linda Middle School Instrumental Music Director

Dan Methe received his Bachelor of Music degree from California State University, Long Beach and a Master’s in Administration from Concordia University. Dan teaches instrumental music at Yorba Linda Middle School, has served as the VP of Jazz Education for the SCSBOA and currently is serving his second term as the 1st VP of Music Education for the SCSBOA. In addition to teaching at Yorba Linda Middle School, Dan teaches music technology at California State University, Fullerton.

As a musician, Dan is the band leader of the Swing Cats Big band and has played with the Billy Vaughn Orchestra, Tom Kubis Big Band, Pacific Symphony Institute, La Primavera Orchestra, Doc Anello Swing Machine and performed throughout Southern California, Europe, Japan and the happiest place on Earth, Disneyland. He has studied the trumpet with Steve Crum, Jim Linahon, Dave Evans and Bobby Shew and has worked with many outstanding musicians including Conti Condoli, Lanny Morgan, Reba McIntyre, Charley Davis, Carl Saunders, Tom Kubis and Fred Carroll.

Mission for the Class

As the Music Director, it is my responsibility to provide the students with a comfortable learning environment that includes participation, trust, and teamwork. I believe this environment is further developed through time, effort, and respect for one another. Through the combined efforts of the students, the parents, and myself we can reach new heights of growth throughout the program.

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